Pure Creamery Butter

1 Can (235g)

Cream (81% Butterfat), Water, Salt

For generations, the distinctive red and gold Red Feather brand has reminded people of the delicious taste of pure Australian and New Zealand dairy butter. From country paddocks of rich green grass comes the milk that makes the butter that brings the fine flavours to Red Feather.

Made by an Australian family company for more than seventy years, this is a taste with enduring appeal. From baking and cooking family favourites, to spreading on your favourite warm crusty bread, Red Feather will add a wonderfully buttery finish to everything you serve. Naturally, 100% pure Red Feather butter has no artificial colours or flavours, and for your convenience, it is available in traditional durable cans that do not require refrigeration or more modern wrappings that do. Discover the taste of Red Feather today.