Aristocrat Cocktail Onions - Red

150g (1 jar)

Onions (55%), Water, Sugar, Salt, Acidity Regulator (260), Mineral Salt (509), Flavour, Colours (122) Preservatives (223,202)

Rosella was founded in the late 1800s and since this time, its mission has been to provide Australians quality, purity and taste through its products, with an uncompromising attitude to only using the best of ingredients.

Despite a long and distinguished career of serving their country, Rosella went into decline in the 1980’s because its then-owners did not follow the founders' original vision. Rosella was subsequently purchased in 2013 by the Australian family-owned company Sabrands, who immediately set about restoring the original vision for the brand. The immediate focus was on restoring Rosella’s significant ingredients using Australian grown produce, where possible, and supporting Australian businesses.

Rosella is now a wholly Australian family-owned company with all products manufactured in Australia.