Raw King Prawns

1 Pack (1kg)

Western King Prawns (Melicertus latisulcatus) are wild caught in the Spencer Gulf, South Australia.

King Prawn has a superb taste and texture due to the cold, pristine waters of the Southern Ocean. The King Prawn also has a sweet, delicate but firm white flesh, which makes it perfect for sashimi.

100% wild caught Australian Raw King Prawns

The Ferguson family business started in 1969 when Robert Ferguson commenced fishing for Southern Rock Lobster in the South East of South Australia, after a career change from farming to fishing. His son Andrew Ferguson continued the fishing business in 1980, adding further fishing vessels to the fishing operations.

Today, the Ferguson Australia Group is a third generation seafood company encompassing five family members working in the family business, managing many facets across the business, including Ferguson’s fishing fleet, export, international offices, and Australian retail and wholesale trade.