Honey Vinegar

250ml (1 bottle)
Honey Vinegar is available to buy in increments of 1

Papa's Grove bring you an innovative unique natural product: A Vinegar made from 100% Greek herb honey! 

Our high quality herb honey produced in Peloponnese undergoes a patented 100% natural process of fermentation and is left to mature in oak barrels until it reached the ideal levels of acidity and taste that you can now enjoy! (GR patent #1009163 )

Proudly Greek, it contains absolutely no preservatives, artificial colourants or other additives. It’s a 100% natural product. It is also gluten free and keto friendly.

Dark amber, this is a full bodied vinegar, tangy with hints of the woody forest with an underlying floral taste but finishes warm and honeyed. Ideal for salads and dips. Great for cooking and baking, and because of it’s uniqueness, it can even be used in cocktail making!

Besides it’s culinary purposes, our honey vinegar comes with all the health benefits of honey, is rich in enzymes, restores pH balances, as well as reduce blood sugar levels. It can even be consumed as a supplement.

Comes in our beautiful 250ml bottle.

Papa Grove is an initiative undertaken by Greek brothers Petros and Andreas at the height of the Greek economic crisis, which had cost Petros his office job. Wondering what to do next, the duo identified a lack of truly tasty, healthy and, reliable extra virgin olive oils in the world, particularly in Asia where Andreas had spent the last decade. The siblings decided to go back to their roots and take advantage of their invaluable inheritance, producing and labeling their very own extra virgin olive oil from their family's olive groves in the Peloponnese.

100% Herb Honey

gluten free

keto friendly