Hot Drinks & Blends

The perfect cuppa for relaxing days. Pick up our delicious and cosy blends of organic, Fair Trade goodness.

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Organic Drinking Chocolate Chilli
Nib & Noble Organic Drinking Chocolate Chilli
1 Tin (250g)
Organic Raw Cacao Powder
Food To Nourish Organic Raw Cacao Powder
1 Pack (500g)
Organic Drinking Chocolate Chai
Nib & Noble Organic Drinking Chocolate Chai
1 Tin (250g)
Original Drinking Chocolate
Grounded Pleasures Original Drinking Chocolate
1 Box (200g)
Provisions Cacao Powder
Marou Provisions Cacao Powder
1 Tin (250g)
Cacao Powder
Planet Organic Cacao Powder
1 Pack (175g)
Cacao - Powder
Absolute Organic Cacao - Powder
450g (1 pack)
Straight Up Cocoa
Grounded Pleasures Straight Up Cocoa
1 Box (150g)
Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate
Paleo Pure Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate
1 Pot (250g)
Provision Cacao Powder
Marou Provision Cacao Powder
1 Tin (1kg)