Garden-fresh and seasonal, our gorgeous vegetables come straight from our farmers to you.

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Little Farms Carrots
1 Bag (~500g)
Little Farms Leeks
2 Leeks
Little Farms Fennel
1 Bulb
Continental Cucumber
Little Farms Continental Cucumber
1 Cucumber
Cup Mushrooms
Little Farms Cup Mushrooms
1 Punnet (200g)
Large Tomatoes
Little Farms Large Tomatoes
1 Bag (~500g)
French Mixed Colour Carrot
New in Stores!
Little Farms French Mixed Colour Carrot
Little Farms Ginger
1 pcs (~120g)
Brushed Potatoes
Little Farms Brushed Potatoes
1 Bag (~1000g)
Organic Carrots
Little Farms Organic Carrots
1 Bag (1kg)
Baby Kale
Sustenir Baby Kale
1 Bag (150g)
Hydro Produce Parsley
1 Punnet (15g)
Organic Sebago Potato
Little Farms Organic Sebago Potato
1 Bag (800g)
Little Farms Zucchini
1 Bag (~500g)
Truss Tomatoes
Little Farms Truss Tomatoes
1 Bag (~1000g)
Organic Broccoli
Little Farms Organic Broccoli
1 Punnet (500g)
Bird Eye Chilli (Hot)
Little Farms Bird Eye Chilli (Hot)
1 Punnet (~150g)
Cherry Tomatoes Punnet
Little Farms Cherry Tomatoes Punnet
1 Punnet (250g)
Organic Brown Onion
Little Farms Organic Brown Onion
1 Pack (1kg)
Baby Broccolini
Little Farms Baby Broccolini
1 Punnet
Baby Beetroot
Little Farms Baby Beetroot
1 Punnet (250g)
Spanish Onions
Little Farms Spanish Onions
1 Bag (~1000g)
Butternut Pumpkin
Little Farms Butternut Pumpkin
1 Half (~900g)
Lebanese Cucumber
Little Farms Lebanese Cucumber
2 Cucumbers (~300g)
Roma Tomatoes
Little Farms Roma Tomatoes
1 Bag (~500g)
Washed Cocktail Potatoes
Little Farms Washed Cocktail Potatoes
1 Bag (~600g)
Organic Beetroot - Peeled & Cooked
Little Farms Organic Beetroot - Peeled & Cooked
1 Pack (250g)
Green Kale
Hydro Produce Green Kale
1 Head (300g)
Hydro Produce Coriander
1 Punnet (15g)
Kinky Kale
Sustenir Kinky Kale
1 Bag (150g)
Hydro Produce Mint
1 Punnet (15g)
Swiss Brown Mushrooms
Little Farms Swiss Brown Mushrooms
1 Punnet (200g)
Hydro Produce Rosemary
1 Punnet (15g)
Medley Tomato Prepack 200g
Little Farms Medley Tomato Prepack 200g
Gold Sweet Potato
Little Farms Gold Sweet Potato
1 Bag (1kg)
Little Farms Broccoli
1 Head (~400g)
Little Farms Wombok
1 Half
Dutch Yellow Capsicum
Little Farms Dutch Yellow Capsicum
2-3 Capsicums (~500g)
Organic Spanish Red Onion
Little Farms Organic Spanish Red Onion
1 Pack