Fruit & Vegetables

Beautiful, fresh produce. We listen to the seasons to bring you the best of the world’s harvest.

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Organic Button Mushrooms
Little Farms Organic Button Mushrooms
1 Punnet (150g)
Cherry Tomato Medley
Little Farms Cherry Tomato Medley
1 Punnet (400g)
Organic Broccoli
Little Farms Organic Broccoli
1 Punnet (500g)
Washed Potatoes
Little Farms Washed Potatoes
1 Bag (~1000g)
Little Farms Wombok
1 Half
Dutch Yellow Capsicum
Little Farms Dutch Yellow Capsicum
2-3 Capsicums (~500g)
Italian Mix Salad
Coolibah Italian Mix Salad
1 Pack (120g)
Little Farms Zucchini
1 Bag (~500g)
Green Asparagus Bunch
Little Farms Green Asparagus Bunch
1 Bunch (130g-170g) (~200g)
Organic Lemon
Little Farms Organic Lemon
1 Lemon (~150g)
Organic Beetroot
Little Farms Organic Beetroot
1 Punnet (500g)
Cherry Truss Tomato Pp 250g
Little Farms Cherry Truss Tomato Pp 250g
Little Farms Rockmelon
1 Half Melon
Organic Bananas
Little Farms Organic Bananas
1 Bag (500g)
Lemon Thyme
Hydro Produce Lemon Thyme
1 Punnet (15g)
Organic Celery Sticks
Little Farms Organic Celery Sticks
1 Punnet (250g)
Dutch Red Capsicum
Little Farms Dutch Red Capsicum
1 Bag (2-3 Capsicums) (~500g)
Shepard Avocado - Large
2 FOR $12
Little Farms Shepard Avocado - Large
1 Avocado
Dragonfruit Yellow
Dragonfruit Yellow
1 Pcs (~400g) (~400g)
Australian Persimmon
Little Farms Australian Persimmon
1 Passionfruit
Carrots Dutch
Little Farms Carrots Dutch
1 Bunch
Shallots Sleeve
Hydro Produce Shallots Sleeve
1 Bunch
Dutch Green Capsicum
Little Farms Dutch Green Capsicum
1 Capsicum (~200g)
Baby Spinach
Artisan Green Baby Spinach
1 Pack (100g)
Organic Broccolini
Absolute Organic Organic Broccolini
Red Grapes
Little Farms Red Grapes
1 Bunch (~750g)
Kiwiberry 125g
Kiwiberry 125g
Baby Kale
Sustenir Baby Kale
1 Bag (150g)
Organic Spanish Red Onion
Little Farms Organic Spanish Red Onion
1 Pack
Kanzi Apple
Little Farms Kanzi Apple
2 Apples (~500g)
Long Green Chilli
Little Farms Long Green Chilli
1 Punnet (~220g)
Cup Mushrooms
Little Farms Cup Mushrooms
1 Punnet (200g)
Organic Dutch Cream Potato
Little Farms Organic Dutch Cream Potato
1 Bag (800g)
Spanish Navel Oranges
Little Farms Spanish Navel Oranges
2 Oranges (~500g)
Lady Finger Bananas
Little Farms Lady Finger Bananas
1 Bag (~1000g)
Iceberg Lettuce
Little Farms Iceberg Lettuce
1 Head
Pears Nashi
Little Farms Pears Nashi
1 Nashi (~250g)