Festive Season Frequently Asked Questions

Festive Season Retail Items  
Questions Answers
When I can start ordering? Pre-ordering will be available from the 1st October 2023
When can I order for? The first day of delivery will be November 1st and the final delivery date is the 31 December 2023
When are the delivery windows? Delivery Window 1: 11am to 3pm
Delivery Window 2: 4pm to 7pm
What is the delivery fee? Above $100: free delivery
Below $100, a $14.98 delivery charge

A re-delivery charge of $10 will apply if you are unavailable during the confirmed time of delivery
How can I order online? https://littlefarms.com/christmas
Can I order the items in-store? Yes you may order via or stores by using the Christmas Catalog order form
Do you offer self-pick-up? Yes, we offer self-pick in the following stores for orders placed via the Christmas Catalog order form:
1. Little Farms Tanglin Mall
2. Little Farms Katong Point
3. Little Farms Valley Point
4. Little Farms Serangoon Gardens
5. Little Farms Holland Village
6. Little Farms Tanjong Pagar
View store addresses here 

You may also order online via Littlefarms.com and request to pick up the items in Little Farms Katong Point. 
Can the delivery date or time be changed once order has been placed? This is possible, as long our team is notified at least with 3 days’ notice to allow enough time to plan cooking and ensure there’s an available delivery slot.  
Can I refund or cancel my order?     You may cancel your order with a refund if you inform our team with at least one week of notice before the delivery date.  
Can I add or remove items?   Yes with at least 3 days’ notice. You may contact our team for confirmation.  
How can I contact Little Farms to help with my Christmas order? You may contact us at christmas@littlefarms.com



F&B - Cooked Food Items  
Questions Answers
When is the Thanksgiving Menu Available?  The Thanksgiving menu is available for pre-order from 16th October 2023 for deliveries between 22nd November to 26th November 2023.
When is the Christmas Menu Available?       The Christmas menu is available for pre-order from 1st November 2023 for deliveries between 1st December to 30th December 2023.
Can the Thanksgiving & Christmas Menu be ordered together?  Unfortunately, it can't be as the Thanksgiving menu runs only until 26th November, and the Christmas menu starts on the 1st of December.  
Where can the cooked food items be ordered from?  TBC
Can grocery orders be added to Thanksgiving orders?          Unfortunately, no they can’t.    
Can I order the F&B cooked food items in-store or only online?   Currently only online, soon we will be able to take orders and payment in-store.    
Does the set come cooked or raw?   Cooked and ready to eat.  As it’s fully cooked, we recommend it’s consumed within 4 hours of delivery. Reheating instructions are included with orders.   
What's the latest I order the items?     We have a minimum 3-day lead time to make an order however just for the week into Christmas week (22nd to 26th)  the cut-off will be 5 days in advance
Can the delivery date or time be changed once the order has been placed? This is possible, as long our team is notified at least with 3 days’ notice to allow enough time to plan cooking and ensure there’s an available delivery slot.  
Can I refund or cancel my order?     You may cancel your order with a refund if you inform our team with at least one week of notice before the delivery date.  
Can I add or remove items?   Yes with at least 3 days’ notice. You may contact our team for confirmation.  




What is Little Farms? What makes you different from other grocery delivery services?

Rev: Specialising in the highest quality produce, meats, seafood, dairy and grocery, our in-store kitchens and cafes also craft healthy and delicious eat-in or take-home meals and some of Singapore's best coffee. We are passionate about where our food comes from and consciously sourced directly from specially-selected farmers and artisans in Australia, Europe, and North America. Little Farms stores are like a second home to our community, providing a warm and inviting space with trusted staff who offer a considered and genuine approach to how we live, the food we consume, our community's health and happiness, and our impact on the planet.

Little Farms specialises in the highest quality produce, meats, seafood, and more. We work directly with our trusted farmers and suppliers and only bring in the highest quality products that meet our expectations and our customers.

We have five physical stores and e-commerce in Singapore.


What days and times do you deliver?

We deliver every day: Mondays to Sundays. including Public Holidays.

We currently offer two delivery windows: 11:00am - 3:00pm (Mondays to Sundays) every day and 4:00pm - 8:00pm (Mondays to Saturdays). 

The cut-off time for each delivery slot is as follows:

  • To book an 11:00 am - 3:00 pm delivery, place your order by 6 pm the day prior.

  • To book a 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm delivery, place your order by 11 am on the same day.


Tell me more about same or next day delivery?

We offer same-day delivery from Monday to Saturday. Simply order before 11 am to get your order delivered on the same day between 4.00 pm - 8.00 pm.

To receive your order on the following day between 11 am - 3 pm, you'll have to make your online purchase before 6 pm the day before. 


Is there a minimum order amount to be delivered?

We will deliver your order, whatever the total amount is. Please note that a delivery charge of is $14.98 applies to all orders below $100.


What is your delivery fee?

Our standard delivery rate is $14.98 for orders below $100.

Orders over $100* receive free shipping. (*after discount and other redemption). 


Where do you deliver?

We deliver island-wide in Singapore, except for certain restricted government and military zones.

If you have any questions regarding delivery zones, please email us at info@littlefarms.com .


How do you deliver my order?

We incorporate several temperature control measures, where needed, to ensure we meet statutory requirements for food safety. Our stringent quality control in managing and packaging your order minimises the chance of cross-contamination during storage and transit.


What happens if I am not home to receive my order?

We'll do our best to get in touch with you by SMS before delivery and a phone call during delivery (if necessary). However, if no one is home to receive the order, a $10 re-delivery charge may be applied.


Why can’t you leave my order unattended at my doorstep?

Due to liability and our focus on food safety, we’d prefer not to leave temperature-sensitive items unattended. This ensures that your order is received in good order and gives you the opportunity to check your order.


Why are there items missing from my order?

We do our best to ensure you receive every item in your order.

Here are some circumstances when your order is not fully fulfilled:

  1. Unsatisfactory quality: we handpicked each item and select them as if we were buying for ourselves. We may not fulfill an order if a fruit or vegetable is bruised or near-expiry. 
  2. Overseas freight delay: We airfreight our products daily, but there may be a delay in the product you've selected due to unforeseen circumstances.

Suppose an item is missing from your order. In that case, we will do our best to notify you before your order is out for delivery. We will issue a refund or suggest a suitable replacement that is the equal or higher value of the product you ordered, depending on which you prefer.


How are you going to refund me for out of stock items?

We will overwrite the order and charge only the final amount of the delivered items.

In case the total order amount is charged to the card. We will refund the additional charges to your original payment method through our payment gateway. If this is to a debit/credit card, it will appear in your account within five days, depending on your card issuer.


How will Little Farms communicate with me once I've placed an order?

We will send an order confirmation email. And, an out-for-delivery will be sent to you once our driver picks up your order.


Why are some date unavailable in the delivery calendar picker?

Please note that some items may not be available on some days of the week.


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards (no credit card information is stored in our system).


How is my payment processed?

When you place your order on littlefarms.com, your order total amount is pre-authorised by your card issuer, and we do not store your credit card information with us.
We will only charge your card on the day of your order delivery. We will charge you as per the actual weight of produce or meat and will not charge you for any out-of-stock item.


How long does it take to get a refund?

If we cannot deliver an item or receive a faulty product, we will refund your original payment method. If this is to a debit/credit card, it will appear in your account within five days, depending on your card issuer.


Product Substitution Policy

In the event of non-availability of any items you order, and if you have accepted to receive product substitution(s), we will offer a reasonable substitute. The substitute item may affect the price you pay.


What happens if something I've ordered has to be substituted?

Sometimes an item is unavailable for one of the following reasons:

  • it is out of stock

  • fresh stock has not arrived yet

  • the expiry date is very near

  • it does not meet our quality standards to be delivered to you

If it happens, we'll choose something very similar to the original item and will do our best to inform you about the change. We're known for picking valuable replacements.

The price you pay will be the price of the new item you receive, including any offers.


Can I tell you I never want substitutions?

Of course. When you checkout, leave the tick box unchecked in your shopping cart by the option "I accept product substitution if an item is unavailable."


How do I reject substitutions?

Once you've accepted product substitution by ticking the box in your cart, you cannot reject any substitution unless the product is defective.



Products & Range


Why don’t I see certain products that you have in the store on the website?

We're doing our best to get as many products as possible on the website. Some are not sold online due to short best before dates or fragile conditions.


How are items priced?

Most of our items are priced the same as in store, though some things like produce are priced differently. In-store, many produce items are priced by weight. Online, produce is priced in packs or by each based on the average weight of products. If you have any questions regarding the pricing of items, please email




Little Farms' Loyalty Programs


How many Loyalty Programs does Little Farms have?

Little Farms now has one Loyalty Programs - the Avocado Club for across In-stores, Online and Café & Bistro.


What are the perks of the Loyalty Program?

You will receive an exclusive twice-weekly newsletter detailing deals and products available in Little Farms. Also, you earn 2% cashback across all our outlets, including e-commerce, and you may use the points to offset your next purchase at all stores, E-commerce, Bistro and Cafe.


Where do I check my remaining points?

You may log into littlefarms.com or check your receipt upon purchase.


Do I have to pay for the membership?

The membership is free for life.


Will I earn points immediately upon sign up for any of your loyalty programs

No, as it takes 48 working hours for your membership to become live, your first purchase will not count towards it.


How do I know how many points do I have?

Provide your contact number to our friendly cashier to access your account. Alternatively, your points are indicated on your receipt.

To access the loyalty program dashboard, click the "Loyalty Program" box at the left of your desktop browser or on the bottom of your mobile browser after logging in.

How do I earn points?

For every dollar you spend, you receive 1 point.

How do I redeem them?

Every 50 points = $1, and you may redeem them across E-commerce, all store, bistro and cafe.

Do my points expire?