Have you met Wayne?

Welcome to our weekly Staff Feature!

Every week we introduce you to the people responsible for bringing you the best groceries on planet earth. This week we have Wayne, our friendly Store Manager at our latest Holland Village store!

Tell Us More About Yourself

I graduated as an engineer, but here I am working in retail as a Store Manager! I prefer a job with an open environment where I can express myself freely and meet a lot of interesting people! What excites me the most is the unpredictable and ever-changing flow of events that will happen in life.  Apart from work, I am an adventurous backpacker who travels around the world seeking excitement and exploring different cultures.



Why little farms

Little farms offered me the position of Store Manager and the opportunity to run a new store so this offer was too great to be missed out! My personal principle in life is: “Run the business like your own.”



What do you like about little farms?

Working with fun people in a fast-paced and dynamic workplace, led by a group of enthusiastic leaders provides me with motivations to push myself to excel!



What is the most enjoyable thing about your job?

The opportunity to work together with people from different walks of life. My team and I started from scratch and we learned the ropes together. We grew together as a small family at Holland Village and this has given me a sense of accomplishment.



What is one thing/food you cannot live without?

It used be KOPI-O GAO SIEW DAI, but it has been replaced by a cup of double shot Allpress espresso that is freshly brewed by our own café! A daily dose of strong, aromatic coffee gives me the extra boost to excel at work!


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