Keeping Your Protein Paleo


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When it comes to nutrition plans that emphasise whole and unprocessed food, the Paleo method of eating reigns as one of the most popular and for good reason too. Stretching beyond the CrossFit crowd, practicing paleo-dieters have reported increase in energy, better vitality and significant fat and weight-loss as some of biggest takeaways of this dietary regimen.
There are several reasons why the paleo diet works. For one, the switch from processed to whole foods means a significant decrease in total caloric intake and a huge increase in nutrients. The amount of emphasis the paleo diet places on adequate protein intake plays a part too, due to its satiating effect and ability to increase lean body mass and subsequently resting metabolic rate.
For those who are constantly on the go and have trouble hitting their protein intakes, protein bars are often a convenient solution to an otherwise frustrating problem. However, such supplements sometimes come with a host of additives and preservatives, which makes them distinctly un-paleo. Luckily, Little Farms happens to have a selection of paleo-friendly protein bars available for your enjoyment!


1. The Primal Pantry

In 2013, Suzie Walker was faced with the very same problem alluded to above. Armed with a lender and a variety of nuts and ingredients, The Primal Pantry protein bars were created as an answer to the paleo-friendly snack dilemma. Each bar contains approximately 4g of protein and is free fof any grains, dairy, refined sugar and vegetable oil, and uses only 100% GMO-free ingredients.


2. Blue Dinosaur

Each Blue Dinosaur protein bar uses only five natural ingredients; simple and delicious! Staples include organic coconut oil, dates and a variety of nuts, which gives your body enough clean energy to soldier on through even the toughest of days!


3. Naked Paleo

Naked Paleo started with the belief that people should be able to enjoy their food without having to worry about what’s been added to it. Their range of protein bars is an extension of this principle, using whole ingredients known for their taste and nutrition (like dates and coconut) to help people fulfill their general wellbeing goals.

Looking for another protein snack alternative to fuel your day? We have Grass-Fed beef jerky from The Snack Guru. A high protein snack that has no refined sugars, preservatives, chemical flavourings and additives.


Eating like a caveman doesn’t mean you have to hunt for food all the time! If you’re expecting a hectic workday, it’s always best to keep a couple of spare bars on hand just in case. Better yet, keep some in your office if your food options there are limited. With the right choices, eating healthy can be tad more convenient and a lot less stressful!


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