Live Fruitfully: Strawberry Basil Cheesecake with Avocado & Walnut Filling

Live Fruitfully
presents the healthiest dessert recipe of the Summer - Strawberry Cheesecake with Avocado and Basil Filling! 

A great alternative to cheese filling, this raw cheesecake is loaded with healthy fats from avocados and walnuts to keep your skin glowing. Don't have strawberries? This cheesecake is flexible enough so you can substitute any fruit in season as the topping.

This recipe is Raw, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Refine Sugar Free.

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1⁄2 cup walnuts
7 dates, soaked and pitted pinch of sea salt

3 ripe avocados, skinned and de-stoned (250g) 1 cup basil, leaves only
juice of 3 limes, or to taste
5 tablespoons raw honey, or to taste
3 tablespoons unscented coconut oil, melted


Base: blend the walnuts, dates and salt in a food processor until it starts to clump. Press into loaf tin by bringing the sides up the tin. Freeze for 2-3 hours.

Filling: Blend the avocado, basil , lime juice, honey and coconut oil until smooth. Add more lime juice or honey to taste. Spoon filling over frozen base and chill in fridge for 1 hour.

Serving suggestion
Just before serving, slice a handful of fresh strawberries and scatter over the top. Can also top with whipped coconut cream.

Can be refrigerated for 3-5 days in an airtight container




Little Farms

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for reaching out! Usually coconut oil is better for baking and is commonly used as a substitute for butter. We recommend using olive oil in most baked recipes, such as quick breads or brownies. However, as olive oil does have a stronger flavour than some other oils, this can affect the flavour of the baked goods.


May I know can I replace coconut oil with olive oil?

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