Sprout Salad

Sprout Salad



  • Brussel sprouts, 600g
  • Fresh Kale, 2 bunch
  • Broccolini, 400g
  • Green beans, 500g
  • Snow Peas, 500g
  • Feta, 200g
  • Olive Oil             


1) Remove Kale stems and roughly tear Kale leaves to decent size bits.   

2) Heat olive oil in pan until hot.

3) Sauté the Kale until slightly charred. When done, drain the kale on paper towel.           

4) Cut core off Brussel sprouts and break up the Brussel sprouts.               

5) Trim broccolini and green beans, de-string snow peas and blanch for 10 seconds          

6) Drain off feta and lightly toss all ingredients together.                                                                           

7) Evenly and lightly mix all ingredients together to form a fresh and bright salad.

  Brussel Sprouts 250g Little Farms Produce Brussels Sprouts 400g* Produce > Vegetables
Green Kale 500g Hydro Produce Green Kale 300g* Produce > Vegetables
Broccolini Little Farms Produce Baby Broccolini (each)* Produce > Vegetables
Baby Beans 250g Little Farms Produce Baby Beans 200g* Produce > Vegetables
Feta in Brine Barambah Organics Feta in Brine 200g* Dairy & Eggs > Cheese

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