Toh Thye San - Hormone & Antibiotic Free Chickens

With three generations of poultry farmers, Toh Thye San is the leading Antibiotic Residue and Hormone Free Poultry Farm with a mission to provide people with top quality, hygienic, fresh, and safe chicken. They supply to top Singapore restaurants such as Gunther's, André, Burnt Ends, Robuchon, Iggy's, Corner House, and Jamie's to name a few.
A family-owned farm since 1979, Kenny Toh, the family's chief farmer, decided to branch Toh Thye San into poultry farming in 2006 as a result of his love of food and sustainability.  Accredited by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), Toh Thye San's 12 farms are nestled in the Sepang region of Malaysia.
Of the chicken breeds raised in Toh Thye San, Little Farms sources Toh Thye San's GG French Poulet Chickens (also known as the An Xin Chicken), a French breed of chicken sourced from France. The premium choice of poultry, the GG French Poulet Chickens is reared in a clean, airy, and spacious environment with no growth promoters administered. Most importantly, the An Xin chickens are never washed in chlorine, and are hormone, & antibiotic free.

Journey of the GG French Poulet Chicken

In order to ensure their optimal quality of standards, Toh Thye San flies chick hatchlings in from Sabre, South of France, everyday to be reared as breeders at their local farm. Eggs produced by their first generation in-house breeders are then handpicked to be hatched while the rest of the ends are sold off as table eggs.

As the chicks start to develop, they are housed in sheds equipped with warmers to protect their immunity system. Their litter is also regularly changed to prevent the build-up of ammonia, which damages their health and eyesight. For the first ten days of their development, the chicks are fed a special in-house formulation of pre-starter feed, consisting of a nutritious blend of milk, natural amino acids, corn and soy.

After they have grown, the chickens are allowed to roam freely in spacious pens with plenty of natural light and elevated perches. Toh Thye San farmers enter the pens daily to clean the area and encourage movement within the flock.
The chickens are given distilled water and are fed through an automated feeder, which provides a mixture of corn, soy, vitamins, organic selenium, orgacids, origadia and glucosamine. Absolutely no growth promoters are administered to the chickens.

In their final stage of growth, the chickens are sheltered in a peaceful environment with raised floors and plenty of space to roam around. Such so that there is a stocking density of 10 chickens per square meter, a stark difference from the RSPCA's standard maximum of 19.
As a result of such care and passion that goes into raising these chickens, we are proud to be able to source fresh, clean, and flavourful chicken to bring to you and your family.
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