Dim Sum & Co

Who doesn’t love a soft, steaming pork bun, crunchy spring roll or a melt in your mouth dumpling? Now, thanks to Dim Sum & Co’s ready made selections, you can enjoy the delights of Yum Cha at home with ease.

They have created a beautiful range of spring rolls, dumplings, buns and siu mai that is Australian owned and made, using fresh Australian produce with traditional sauces and spices. Best of all, Dim Sum & Co products are frozen, meaning you can always have them on hand for unexpected visitors or as an easy-to-prepare after-school snack.

Dim Sum & Co are committed to delivering a healthier, heartier and delicious alternative to Asian fast food. Using fresh Australian produce, no fillers and no added MSG, Dim Sum & Co really is your everyday answer to the perfect bite!

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Spring Rolls - Farm Fresh Vegetable
Dim Sum & Co Spring Rolls - Farm Fresh Vegetable
300g (1 pack)