Kialla Pure Foods

Deep in the heart of Queensland’s Darling Downs, the organic farming revolution sprang from an earnest desire to grow chemical free, nutrient rich food in a sustainable way. This passionate group of farmers recognised soil vitality was the key to farming that provides for future generations. The organic farm “Kialla”, on the outskirts of Toowoomba, was the inspiration for Kialla Pure Foods’ name.

From its inception in 1988, Kialla Pure Foods was one of the founding members of today’s organic movement. The Kialla business has since grown both in scale and capability, with their brand becoming an organic icon to informed cooks and artisan bakers in Australia and worldwide. Their commitment and passion remains: to produce a real difference in their communities by making delicious healthy food possible, through a sustainable and transparent food chain.

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Organic Unbleached Plain Flour (Hero)
Kialla Pure Foods Organic Unbleached Plain Flour (Hero)
1 Bag (1kg)
Original Pancake Mix
Kialla Pure Foods Original Pancake Mix
1 Bag (325g)
Organic Premium Quick Oats
Kialla Pure Foods Organic Premium Quick Oats
1 Bag (500g)
Organic Pearl Barley
Kialla Pure Foods Organic Pearl Barley
1 Bag (500g)
Organic Wheat Bran
Kialla Pure Foods Organic Wheat Bran
1 Bag (300g)
Organic Rye Flour With Grain
Kialla Pure Foods Organic Rye Flour With Grain
1 Bag (700g)
Organic Rolled Oats
Kialla Pure Foods Organic Rolled Oats
1 Bag (1KG)
Organic Hulled Millet
Kialla Pure Foods Organic Hulled Millet
1 Bag (500g)
Organic Besan Flour
Kialla Pure Foods Organic Besan Flour
1 Bag (500g)
Organic Linseed
Kialla Pure Foods Organic Linseed
1 Bag (500g)