Lillie's Q

Serving up Southern BBQ that's true to regional traditions while still creating unique, reimagined flavours is an art form in itself. Thanks to Grandma Lillie, a full family lineage of BBQ passion, and a commitment to craft, they believe they've mastered it. And with four restaurants and a huge variety of sauces, rubs, mixes and more – they're excited to show you why it's unlike anything you've ever tasted.

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BBQ Sauce - Gold
Lillie's Q BBQ Sauce - Gold
567g (1 bottle)
Rub - Brisket Pepper
Lillie's Q Rub - Brisket Pepper
92g (1 jar)
BBQ Sauce - Carolina
Lillie's Q BBQ Sauce - Carolina
539g (1 bottle)
Rub - Q-Rub
Lillie's Q Rub - Q-Rub
92g (1 jar)
BBQ Sauce - Smoky
Lillie's Q BBQ Sauce - Smoky
595g (1 bottle)
BBQ Sauce - Ivory
Lillie's Q BBQ Sauce - Ivory
482g (1 bottle)
BBQ Sauce - ENC
Lillie's Q BBQ Sauce - ENC
510g (1 bottle)