Tahini Neri

Open a table with their Tahini.

In Hebrew the phrase 'Lif-to-ach Shul-chan' literally means to 'open a table', to make a huge spread, to share plates and dips, to feel the Avira (atmosphere) and feed family, community and friends.

That's why they made Tahini Neri and that's what they're all about. Not just to bring you to your tahi-knees with taste, but to share the culture with you too.

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Tahini - Spicy
Tahini Neri Tahini - Spicy
200g (1 pot)
Tahini - Signature
Tahini Neri Tahini - Signature
200g (1 pot)
Tahini - Hulled
Tahini Neri Tahini - Hulled
375g (1 jar)