The White Rabbit

Nick and Teo met whilst working in The White Rabbit pub in Oxford; Nick was front of house, and Teo a chef. They both realised so many people were looking for a different kind of pizza and didn’t want to feel excluded – they wanted delicious pizza! This is when White Rabbit Pizza was born. It's pizza for everyone to enjoy!

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Pizza - The Smokin' Vegan
2 FOR $22.98
The White Rabbit Pizza - The Smokin' Vegan
353g (1 pack)
Pizza - The Vegan Gardener
2 FOR $22.98
The White Rabbit Pizza - The Vegan Gardener
340g (1 pack)
Pizza - The Nudies
The White Rabbit Pizza - The Nudies
2 x 200g (1 pack)
Pizza - Garlicky Mushroom
The White Rabbit Pizza - Garlicky Mushroom
353g (1 pack)