Cheese - Danish Blue (Extra Creamy)

100g (1 pack)

Castello Danish Blue was inspired by Roquefort cheese but made using homogenized cow's milk, which contributes to its strong ‘bite’. The cream in the milk perfectly balances the sharpness and overall our Danish Blue has a fine, nutty, blue mould aroma, with hints of marzipan and a soft bitterness of sourdough. This particular Danish Blue cheese has achieved an extra creamy texture, making it an indulgent choice for cooking as well as a dessert. It truly is a delightful extra creamy cheese.


  • Sharp
  • Creamy
  • Nutty
  • Hints of marzipan
  • Buttery
  • Salty
  • Savoury

First you will notice the well-balanced notes of sweet and bitter, and just when you think you are done with a bite, a light nutty aftertaste reveals itself. This cheese is rounder than our traditional Castello Danish Blue Cheese due to the extra cream that creates a softer flavour experience.


  • Deliciously soft
  • With light crumbliness

When you try this blue cheese you will notice its softness making it easy to cut. When the knife hits the chopping board underneath, and you have made a full cut, you will notice the light signature crumbling.


6 out of 6. Intense.

In the family of great cheese this stands out for its extra boldness and intense flavour. It will not go unnoticed.

Pasteurised cheese milk (milk and cream), salt, lactic acid culture, rennet, blue mould culture, maturing culture.

ENERGY 1782 kj456 kcal
FAT 41.5 g
SUGAR 0.5 g
SALT 3.2 g
  • Slice it and enjoy it on top of bread or crackers
  • Pick a pairing and enjoy it as an indulgent dessert with your drink
  • Serve on a cheese platter as an appetiser, a snack or a dessert
  • Crumble it on top of your pizza, soup or salad
  • Try it in one of our recipes!

The delicious flavour of Castello Extra Creamy Danish Blue Cheese works very well on its own. When you combine the sharper blue mould notes with other foods, the overall balance provides your taste buds with an even more sensorial experience.

Castello was founded in 1893 by their master cheesemaker, Rasus Tholstup. He was by nature a restless explorer when it came to cheese, a man who was never content with the ordinary. Since then, Castello cheeses have always been crafted using the best of traditional techniques and a good deal of 'pioneering spirit'. Their cheesemakers experiment until hitting on a recipe with unique twists and delightful new flavours, giving the Castello collection its distinctiveness.