Efendy Spice - Fish

45g (1 pack)

In typical Middle Eastern spirit of fun and collaboration, this spice blend is a contribution of authentic Turkish flavour from our good friend Somer Sivrioglu. The chef behind Sydney’s celebrated Efendy Restaurant, Somer tells this story…

“I grew up fishing on the Bosphorus with my father, who had a boat and taught me how the currents and the seasons affect availability of fish. Turks don’t feel the need for complex recipes for fish. The rule is grill the fish whole if large, and fry the fish whole if small, then serve with lemon and rucola. The Istanbul spice mix will transform this simple recipe into a restaurant quality Fish A La Turca”.

Size: 45g resealable stand-up pouch.

New Zealand

Since 1991, Sami & Sonia have been curating the finest ingredients through traditional methods, sharing their passion for delicious authentic Middle Eastern cuisine with friends and guests. Knowing that the essence of Midde Eastern flavours is in the intricate marriage of spices and unique ingredients, they have created this beautiful range of products for anyone to enjoy and share. Sami’s Kitchen is an extension of what they started over 25 years ago, allowing them to continue sharing their heritage and love of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Cumin, Dried Oregano, Dried Parsley, Pimento, Black Pepper, Coriander, Paprika.

Pure & Natural

Gluten free

How to use this blend:
Mix 2tbsp (30g) spices with 2 tbsp Olive oil and 1tbsp Lemon Juice, then rub over fish and marinate for 1 hour. Pan-fry or grill to your liking.

Serving suggestions:

  • Mix with Oil and marinate fish for 1 hour before grilling
  • Mix with flour and coat fish before panfrying
  • Mix with Prawns, Halloumi and Tomatoes, slow bake for 30 minutes in clay pot