Field Grown Vegetables - Shallots

150g (1 punnet)

Spring Onions are a flavoursome, crunchy and delicious with a light onion tone. Perfect fresh as a garnish or flavour booster or lightly cooked in a stir-fry.

Available all year round. Spring Onions are hand picked, washed and trimmed before being sent to stores daily across the country.

ENJOY: Sliced raw through salads, as a garnish or cooked lightly and added to stir fries, sauces and soups.

In a plastic sleeve or bag and refrigerate.

The Hydro Produce story begins with family. Starting as a small farm business in the 1940’s, they have grown into a national business and a leader in fresh produce production and supply. They grow and harvest many lines of produce here at their hydroponic farm at Peats Ridge on NSW’s Central Coast, and their farm in Bundaberg QLD. They also source supply from their wider Hydro Produce family network throughout Australia. Being in total control of the supply chain from farm to delivery, they can ensure only the best from their farms and growers across Australia.