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Premium Grass-Fed Beef - Minced

500g (1 pack) (~500g)
Premium Grass-Fed Beef - Minced is available to buy in increments of 0.5

This product has a maximum shelf life of 4 days

Item quantity depends on the weight of physical item. If incase you require specific quantity please include it on remarks.

King Island Beef™ is sourced from livestock that are exclusively raised on King Island where they graze freely, as nature intended, on nutrient rich pastures and native grasses.

Known as one of the world’s cleanest and most natural environments, an abundance of rainfall and laws prohibiting hormone use make King Island Beef™ one of the most unique beef brands available from anywhere in the world.

King Island Beef™ is naturally exclusive, has a marble score of 1+ and is the perfect brand for customers looking to celebrate provenance.

  • Grass fed for life ✓
  • MSA graded ✓
  • Marble score 1+
  • Antibiotic free ✓
  • No added hormones ✓
  • GMO free ✓
  • JBS Farm Assured ✓
  • AusMeat cipher: YP (Young Prime)
  • Carcase weight (kg): 300-320
  • Breed: British and European breeds only, no bos indicus, no dairy

Safeguarded by a rugged and untouched coastline, King Island is unlike any other place on earth. King Island Beef is sourced exclusively from grass fed cattle raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or GMO’s, and is underpinned by the pioneering JBS Farm Assurance Program – guaranteeing a tender, juicy and flavoursome eating experience every time.