Gin & Tonic - Moonlight

4 x 250ml (1 box)
Gin & Tonic - Moonlight is available to buy in increments of 1

Following on from the success of Prohibition’s ‘Original’ Gin & Tonic in a black can – comes our award-winning ‘Moonlight’ Gin & Tonic – in a gorgeous hot pink can!

Delivering the same hand-crafted quality you’ve come to expect from Prohibition, with the same ready-to-go convenience, this refreshing pink G&T is sugar-free yet refuses to compromise on taste. So, instead of counting calories, you can now count on enjoying a ‘guilt-free’ G&T no matter where you are!

With the introduction of Prohibition in 1920, a shadowy, underground industry sprang into existence. Its aim? To give the people what they wanted most. Gin was the liquor of choice, produced by clandestine, bootleg spirit makers. One hundred year later, their spirit lives on at the Prohibition Liquor Co. But while their small-batch craftsmanship may echo that of the bootleggers, their artisan philosophy and obsession with only the world's finest botanicals result in an altogether more sophisticated and premium end result.

5.5% ABV