Pesto - Rosso Di Pomodoro

180g (1 jar)

Mutti tomato pesto is a simple but tasty novelty: all the intense flavor of traditional pesto but with 45% less fat than the average of the most sold pesto on the market, due to the presence of particular tomato varieties.


Mutti's mission as a company is to raise the tomato to its highest expression, a passion that has driven us for 120 years. Even today, they are still learning new things about this wonderful fruit and constantly improving every aspect of its production – to make the best tomato products they possibly can.

Semi-dry Tomato 8%, Triple Tomato Concentrate, Grana Padano PDO 4.5% (Milk, Egg Lysozyme), Almonds 2.3%, Vegetable Fibers (Pea, Carrot, Bamboo) , Capers, Natural Flavors, Salt, Sugar, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Oregano.