Pesto - Verde Di Pomodoro

180g (1 jar)

Mutti's Green Tomato Pesto is a simple but tasty novelty: all the intense flavor of traditional pesto but with 45% less fat than the average of the best-selling pesto on the market *, due to the presence in the recipe of a particular variety of colored tomato. It is thanks to the use of green tomatoes (51%) that we have been able to limit the use of oil and offer you a tasty and flavorful but also lighter pesto. It is enriched with basil, cashews, Grana Padano DOP and Pecorino Romano DOP. Discover the other flavors of the range too!


Mutti's mission as a company is to raise the tomato to its highest expression, a passion that has driven us for 120 years. Even today, they are still learning new things about this wonderful fruit and constantly improving every aspect of its production – to make the best tomato products they possibly can.