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Chia Spirulina Cricket Flour Raw Energy Bar 35g



Ecobar Chia Spirulina Cricket Flour Raw Energy Bar 35g

Camilla and Colly are proud to be an Australian first in innovation, using cricket flour as an eco-friendly, clean protein alternative. Sourcing ingredients for long lasting sustenance for your family. Eco Bars are a great tasting combination of sustainably sourced cricket protein, raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit for health and wellness. They stand for a happy and bright future. Lower your carbon footprint with Eco Bars.

Crickets are a sustainable source of protein and these bars so good you'll have no idea what you're eating!

Ingredients: Dates, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds (5%), cricket flour (acheta domesticus), apple juice concentrate, spirulina (1.5%), coconut oil, lemon extract, rosemary extract

Gluten-Free, Product of Australia

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