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Abel's Tempest Pinot Noir 2014 750ml



Heemskerk Abel's Tempest Pinot Noir 2014 750ml

Heemskerk is an established, premium Tasmanian wine producer celebrating new world winemaking techniques and old-world influences that capture the integrity, purity and elegance of Tasmania's cool climate. 

Through the violent tempests that raged around the coast of Tasmania, Dutchman Abel Tasman navigated his flagship, the Heemskerk, finally sighting the island’s west coast in 1642.  Many of Tasman’s attempts to land were thwarted by these huge winds which, while frustrating Tasman, are integral to creating the cool climate that Tasmania’s vineyards thrive in. As a result, it has become one of Australia’s premier cool climate regions.

This Pinot Noir embodies the purity of Tasmania's fruit. Bright cherry red with a fresh, floral nose, this highly aromatic wine is supported by a soft and supple palate with delicate French oak character.

Product of Australia.

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