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Organic Superfood & Multivitamin Supplement for Men 224g

Activated Nutrients


Activated Nutrients Organic Superfood & Multivitamin Supplement for Men 224g

Activated Nutrients set out to change the nutritional supplement industry, believing that the industry has become complicated, expensive and sometimes a misleading mess. Activated Nutrients develops products with leading nutritionists and focuses on products that provide the maximum amount of natural nutrition. Supplements are completely non-synthetic and contain nutrients in nutritionally relevant quantities. Activated Nutrients believes in honesty, and source and produce sustainably. Their products are also vegan, non-GMO, soy-free and gluten-free.

Premium, 100% natural, wholefood based, plant and herbal derived supplement focused on the health needs of men; a once daily all-in-one alternative to synthetic multivitamins, reds & greens powders and pre/pro-biotics.

Ingredients: flaxseed/linseed meal, spirulina, acai berry, avocado, cracked cell wall chlorella, kale, alfalfa, blueberry, opuntia cactus, goji berry, coriander, barley grass, inulin, sunflower lecithin, maca root, saw palmetto, pea protein, acerola berry, natural pineapple flavour, milk thistle, pomegranate juice, pumpkin seed, red clover, Siberian ginseng, strawberry, gingko biloba, sacha inchi, beetroot, globe artichoke, grapeseed, Hawthorne berry, licorice root, rosehip, shiitake mushroom, chia ground seed, maqui berry, green tea leaf, curry leaves, bromelain, cacao, chamomile, papaya, rosemary leaf, Kakadu plum, bifidobacterium longum, annatto, ginger root, aloe vera leaf, broccoli, celery seed, maitake mushroom, sunflower seed meal, amla, guava, natural sweetener (thaumatin), lactobacillus acidophilus, holy basil, high vitamin D mushroom, lemon peel.

Product of Australia.

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