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King George Whiting 280g

Wild South Seafood


Wild South Seafood King George Whiting 280g

Wild South Seafood has deliberately limited their product range to the premium fish from the pristine, cold and deep Southern Ocean because it is also home to the best and most unpolluted wild-caught (organic) fish in the world. This is so they can care about and control the quality from the sea to the plate. Wild South does not deal in fish markets or with large scale distributors.

Wild South Seafood is wild caught, sustainably harvested and snap frozen, collected from a community of boats when they pull up at the wharf, beautifully hand filleted with care and packed into two person sized fillets, vacuum packed and immediately, individually quick frozen, making it 'fresher' than most 'fresh' seafood.

King George Whiting is not only the King of the Whiting but king of all the fishes, when it comes to eating pleasure. A finer flaked fish you will never find. It also has an extremely low oil content.

Product of Australia.

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