100% Natural Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

500ml (1 bottle)
100% Natural Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is available to buy in increments of 1

Quinta do Pégo is a vineyard situated on the way from Régua to Pinhão - approximately 3 km before Pinhão 
on the right hand - in the Douro Valley in Portugal. It is situated 138 m. above the surface of the Douro River 
and the vineyards are situated up to 350 m. above the surface of the Douro River. It is without a doubt one of 
the most beautifully situated Quintas in the Douro Valley.

Quinta do Pégo produces some of the finest and best Ports, but the project also includes a total renovation 
of the old buildings, new production facilities and the building of a number of guest houses. After this total 
renovation, in spring 2009, Quinta do Pégo opened in a totally new shape with hotel. Quinta do Pégo is one 
of the most beautiful quintas in the Douro Valley - and Hotel Rural Quinta do Pégo is certainly worth a visit.

At Quinta do Pégo, 900 olive trees (Cordovil, Molar and Verdeal) can be found, which marks the boundary 
to the neighbouring vineyards. These trees annually produce approximately 1-1.5 litres extra virgin olive oil 
each, which are cold pressed and bottled in beautiful 0,5 litre bottles from Italy.

All olives at Quinta do Pégo are certified sustainable agriculture according to PRODI (Integrated Production) 
principles. Among other parameters, this includes to maintain the stability of ecosystems including healthy 
soil and clean water, to preserve natural resources and wildlife, and to promote biodiversity.

This extra virgin olive oil has a low level of acidity, a very delicate taste as well as an intense and natural 

Suitable for Mediterranean courses, salads, etc.