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Cold Drip Coffee - Espresso Martini

200ml (1 can)
Cold Drip Coffee - Espresso Martini is available to buy in increments of 1

A fateful blend of our specialty cold drip coffee and Australian vodka delivers a smooth, bold and convenient cocktail to be enjoyed wherever, whenever you please.

Get your Martinis on ICE ICE BABY! Make sure they are cold before serving. Give them a good shake to activate the nitro infusion and ensure that silky Espresso Martini crema we all know and love. Wait three seconds before opening your can, then simply sip away. For a more sophisticated experience pour into a glass.

Cold drip coffee had never been done on this scale before. But First Press Coffee didn’t just do it for fun. They did it because they saw its potential. They realised that it can make you feel good, and not just in a superficial, 30-minute-buzz kind of way. In a way that gives you clarity of mind. They saw that they could push boundaries of taste, creating a pure, clean, bold flavour profile that just can’t be replicated. They did it by sourcing the right beans – from farmers who look after their workers … the people who live off the land. And they found a sustainable way of doing it, so that they could feel great about making you feel great. In its simplest form, they considered every detail of the process. Because when you’re the first to do something, you better set a damn good standard.


  • 200ml
  • 1.3 Standard Drinks
  • Gluten Free