Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Delicate

250ml (1 bottle)
Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Delicate is available to buy in increments of 1

Papa's Grove offers you a superior monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil of specially handpicked "Manaki" olives.

Taste profile: Fresh and green, fruity aromatic profile with predominant notes of citrus fruits, tomato leaves, flowers and cut grass. Its delicate bitterness and light pungency leaves a pleasant and long lasting aftertaste.

Comes only in our beautiful 250ml glass bottle.


Manaki is the common variety of north-eastern Peloponnese. This olive variety ripens later, its harvest begins from mid November to early January. The fruit has a medium size in an oval shape. The weight varies between 2.2 and 2.9 grams. What distinguishes the Manaki tree is that it also thrives at high altitudes, where other varieties do not normally yield. It has a high resistance to strong winds and cold.

The taste of olive oil that comes from this fruit is milder and its strong aroma reminds ripe fruits like apple, tomatoes and sometimes almonds. Extremely tasteful it is the best choice for salads and has fanatic friends. This variety is used for the production of olive oil of excellent quality but also inlaid as whole fruit at the dining table. Manaki is almost exclusively found in the Peloponnese.


Papa Grove is an initiative undertaken by Greek brothers Petros and Andreas at the height of the Greek economic crisis, which had cost Petros his office job. Wondering what to do next, the duo identified a lack of truly tasty, healthy and, reliable extra virgin olive oils in the world, particularly in Asia where Andreas had spent the last decade. The siblings decided to go back to their roots and take advantage of their invaluable inheritance, producing and labeling their very own extra virgin olive oil from their family's olive groves in the Peloponnese.

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nutritional information (100 ml)

Energy value 3449 kl/824kcal
Fat 91.6gr
  *Saturated 13.6gr
 *Mono unsaturated 71.7gr
 *Poly unsaturated 6.3gr
Carbohydrated 0.0gr
  *Sugars 0.0gr
Dietary Fibre 0.0gr
Protein 0.0gr
Salt 0.0gr
Closed in a cool, dry place, away from heat source and direct light. Olive oil may become cloudy at low temperatures; the oil will clear on warming and the quality is not affected.