Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Harvest Blend

500ml (1 bottle)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Harvest Blend is available to buy in increments of 1

Victorian Olive Groves Harvest Blend Oil is a fresh tasting oil with a pleasant pepper finish. It is a fruity smooth and aromatic blend for everyday use. Vibrantly clean and unsullied.

Olive Oil

Gluten Free

Victorian Olive Groves is a pre-eminent producer of premium Australian extra virgin olive oils, olives and olive related products. VOG believes in exceptional customer service with quality at affordable prices, and sets benchmarks to which others aspire. From grove to table, VOG's production methods are environmentally sensitive and sustainable.

VOG was founded in 1997 by oil maker Peter Caird of Bendigo, in central Victoria, Australia. A production facility was established in Bendigo, the heartland of the olive producing area of Victoria. The high oil quality and environmental principles attracted Victoria's much awarded chef, restaurateur, TV host and author, Stefano de Pieri, who then became a partner in 2002.

VOG embraces the 'Lifestyle of the Olive' – nutritional and healthy food that incorporates the rich Mediterranean in its wonderful Australian context. VOG supports the Slow Food movement, which promotes healthy food production and the enjoyment of food as a socially important event in their life.