Cheese - Goat's

200g (1 pack)

During a time of rapid development and constant changes, some things remain timeless. Chelmos, the first dairy industry in Peloponnese, is proud of the way its development and growth is anchored in its solid and unshakeable values: insistence and commitment for high-quality products; respect for the consumer; and love of the company’s employees and co-workers. Since 1979, the company has achieved considerable success in Greece and abroad, with its constant growth rates strengthening Chelmos' position in the global market.

Pasteurized goat’s milk, salt, rennet, culture.

Per 30g
Energy 75 Kcal 4%
Fat 6,3g 9%
Saturates 4,9g 24%
Sugar 0,2g 0%
Salt 0,75g 12%


– It is produced from free-range grazing goat’s milk.

– It has a pristine white colour and distinct strong flavour.