Spice - Wild Sumac Tangy Sprinkle

45g (1 pack)
Spice - Wild Sumac Tangy Sprinkle is available to buy in increments of 1

Prior to the introduction of lemons, the Romans used Sumac because of its pleasant sour taste and hint of citrus fruitiness. An essential ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine, the fruits of the Sumac shrub are ground into this unique, reddish brown powder and used to add a tangy touch to spice rubs, marinades, and dressings. This Sami’s Kitchen Sumac is also a beautifully versatile addition to salads, meats, Mezze dishes, dips, and rice.

Size: 45g resealable stand-up pouch.

New Zealand

Since 1991, Sami & Sonia have been curating the finest ingredients through traditional methods, sharing their passion for delicious authentic Middle Eastern cuisine with friends and guests. Knowing that the essence of Midde Eastern flavours is in the intricate marriage of spices and unique ingredients, they have created this beautiful range of products for anyone to enjoy and share. Sami’s Kitchen is an extension of what they started over 25 years ago, allowing them to continue sharing their heritage and love of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Pure & Natural

Gluten free

How to use this spice:
For Sumac Eggs, simply sprinkle 1tsp of Sumac and salt to taste over fried eggs, approximately 1 minute before they are ready to serve.

For Fattoush Salad, mix lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, parsley, and mint into a salad, then dress with a mix of crushed garlic, Sumac, olive oil, and salt. Add croutons or toasted Lebanese bread pieces into the salad before serving.

Other ways to use it:

  • Mix with paprika, fresh coriander and Greek Yoghurt as a dressing.
  • Rub on Fish, Chicken, Lamb, Eggplant or chickpeas before cooking.