Cider - Vintage Reserve

500ml (1 bottle)
Cider - Vintage Reserve is available to buy in increments of 1

Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve Cider is produced from entirely home-grown apples. It is a blend of one year’s harvest of the highest quality bittersweet apples such as Chisel Jersey, Yarlington Mill, Stoke Red and Tremlett’s Bitter. It is fermented and then matured in oak vats to achieve its fine, award winning full bodied flavour.


7.4% ABV

Oak Matured Vintage has been carefully blended to produce an exceptional medium-dry, lightly sparkling cider. Tannins in the traditional varieties used to produce this cider deepen the full-bodied taste and mature flavour to give a satisfyingly long taste on the palate.

This cider is lovely served chilled, but to get the best depth of flavour and aroma, we would recommend no cooler than about 10 - 12 degrees C. It is an excellent drink to accompany Sunday Roast or a ploughman’s lunch or supper or any full-flavoured meal, but is equally good just on its own.