Vine Ashed Log

1 Piece (150g)
Strong, bold, tangy and irresistibly salty cheese, Vine Ashed Log is made from cows milk and often mistaken for blue cheese. Young lactic curd is rolled in grape vine ash, salted and inoculated with white mould, to create this seriously creamy, beautiful cheese you'll keep coming back to.
Country of origin

Coal River Farm is a family run business launched by Daniel and Melanie Leesong, who began with a little bit of knowledge but a great love for the finer things in life. What started as a little knitting and growing of a few vegetables (unsuccessfully due to very hungry kangaroos and substandard fencing) turned into something a little larger: a desire to celebrate Tasmania's world class produce. Coal River Farm are excited by the unqiueness of the region, and love making fresh, unique products that put a smile on everyone’s face.