Frozen Blackcurrants

350g (1 pack)
Frozen Blackcurrants is available to buy in increments of 1

Our currants have some seriously super food properties. Grown by our friends over in Tasmania, we love the flavour and nutritional benefits of blackcurrants, especially since they don’t grow so well here in sunny Queensland.

The UK Blackcurrant Foundation suggests blackcurrants are great for your cardiovascular health, brain function, urinary tract health, digestion and vision. Our blackcurrants are big-hearted in every way. For more info head on over to The Blackcurrant Foundation.


We suggest throwing a few into your favourite smoothie or into an array of sweet and savoury dishes, jams, jellies and syrups. Enjoy!

There are four core team members at My Berries headquarters: Directors Allison and Stuart, and 'Chief Taste Testers' Luther and baby Gabriel. They started their berry business after returning home to Queensland in 2012, and are passionate about provenance, high quality ingredients, and local farmers. They are very cautious about what their children eat, and like most families, only want them eating safe, locally grown produce. This means they are fierce in aligning with growers who care as much as they do.