Rians Triple Crème Germain

1 Piece (180g)
Rians Triple Crème Germain is available to buy in increments of 1

The Triple Crème Germain is a cheese made from cow’s milk and with an extremely soft centre. Its softness is explained by the addition of cream to the milk during the production of the cheese. Under its white bloomy rind, Triple Crème reveals a gooey and creamy centre with a delicate buttery texture and a mild and indulgent flavour.

The most decadent of all cheeses. It is worth every bite, offering a "must indulge" experience. Created by the renowned Fromagerie Germain company. Based in Chalancey, France, the company has been operating for 14 years and produces many wonderful regional cheeses. This one is certainly no exception! Enjoy at room temperature.

The Germain Cheese Dairy is rich in history, with its creation dating back more than a century. Founded in 1921 by Henri Germain, the business has since become a successful brand with a second dairy in Vaux-sous-Aubigny. It remains committed to the same quality, company values, and respect for tradition that have guided it for close to 100 years.