Premium Fruit & Vegetable Chips - Banana

40g (1 pack)
Premium Fruit & Vegetable Chips - Banana is available to buy in increments of 1

Go bananas! With a great caramelisation and gratifying crunch, our Great Taste award-winning banana chips are our best-selling fruit chips, most popular with children and adventurous friends. There’s no way you won’t find our light and fresh banana chips ‘apeeling’! 

“A very attractive, authentic looking product with a lack of uniformity to the colouring which adds to the sense of authenticity. These attractive little banana slices are initially crisp in the mouth, with the texture morphing into a soft mashed banana consistency with a natural banana flavour. We loved them.” By Judges of the UK Great Taste Awards 

Naturally sweet and packed with nutrients, our Great Taste two-star award-winning Hey! Banana Chips are all-natural with no sugar or preservatives added, and suitable for a wide range of diets (halal-certified, gluten-free and vegan-friendly). 

Unlike conventional fruit chips, Hey! Chips undergoes low-temp dehydration so that the natural tastes, colours and nutrients are retained while giving the addictive crunch!!

Hey! Banana Chips are highly versatile and amazing for garnishing desserts, cakes and other bakes! These nutrient-packed banana slices are so crispy, delicious and authentic. Place one of these packs into your little ones’ school bag and give them a pleasant surprise!

Hey! Chips is the world’s first Great Taste Award-winning fruit and vegetable chips brand.

Banana (99%), Rice Bran Oil (1%)