Aged Cashew Cheese

1 Piece (115g)
Aged Cashew Cheese is available to buy in increments of 1

Cashews, Organic Coconut Oil, Water Kefir (Water, Natural Cultures, Sugar), Miso Paste (from soy), Nutritional Yeast, Spices, Tasmanian Sea Salt, Preservative (sorbic acid).

ALLERGEN WARNING: Contains Nuts and Soy.

May contain traces of Oats and Almonds.

Through the production of delicious dairy-free cheese and butter, Lauds aim to make a lasting difference to our world – helping you to 'feed your kindness' and to live a healthier, more compassionate, and more sustainable life. All of Lauds' products are proudly made in Tasmania, and are dairy-free, lactose-free and 100% plant-based.