Classic IPA - Hops Malt Repeat

4 x 330ml (4 bottles)
Classic IPA - Hops Malt Repeat is available to buy in increments of 1


For our Classic IPA, we wanted to set the new standard for what a great IPA should be. Artfully hopped without being too bitter, and featuring a lighter, yet assertive malt profile to create a delicate balance of hops and approachable mouthfeel.


At SGBC, they believe beer should be special, but also tasty and accessible. As Singapore craft beer pioneers, the SGBC founders know they can deliver. Their SG beer is inspired by their small but diverse home, Singapore, and is made using the finest ingredients, passion, skill and devotion. SGBC is excited to introduce their beers to the community, and to share their creations with friends old and new. So raise a glass, toast, and let’s celebrate their home with a beer made for Singapore by SG.