Artisan Green

At Artisan Green, their use of hydroponics technology in controlled, indoor environments allow them to grow 100% pesticide-free. Their quality fresh greens are locally grown and harvested right in the heart of Singapore. Cleaner, fresher and healthier, the produce is grown indoors under controlled conditions and monitored round-the-clock using state of the art hydroponics technology. Not impacting critical fauna with pesticides and decreasing food miles by growing locally are just a few of the ways in which they strive to be environmentally friendly.

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Baby Spinach
Artisan Green Baby Spinach
100g (1 pack)
Lettuce Medley
Artisan Green Lettuce Medley
100g (1 pack)
Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $6.98
Herbs - Chives
Artisan Green Herbs - Chives
15g (1 pack)
Herbs - Mint
Artisan Green Herbs - Mint
15g (1 pack)