The healthy lifestyle that Diego's owners Colin and Deann shared in a year of romance travelling between Southern California, Baja Mexio and Australia's East Coast, is the foundation of Diego's grassroots family business.

By providing exceptional quality and customer service with a focus on sustainability and innovation, Diego's can-do attitude has served them well over their +20 years of business.

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GoWell Wraps - Classic
Diego's GoWell Wraps - Classic
400g (8 per pack)
GoMex Corn Tortilla
Diego's GoMex Corn Tortilla
280g (10 per pack)
GoWell Wraps - Gluten Free
Diego's GoWell Wraps - Gluten Free
360g (6 per pack)
GoWell Wraps - Lower Carb
Diego's GoWell Wraps - Lower Carb
400g (8 per pack)