Eco Organics

Eco Organics' range is made of organic products, offering a much better nutritional value when compared to regular wheat pasta due to its high nutritional content. They are commited to supporting your journey to a healthy lifestyle, by bringing GMO-free and organic food for conscious eating.

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Spaghetti - Edamame
Eco Organics Spaghetti - Edamame
200g (1 pack)
Organic Avocado
Eco Organics Organic Avocado
(2 fruits)
Organic Green Pear
Eco Organics Organic Green Pear
500g (1 pack)
Tortellini - Mushroom
Eco Organics Tortellini - Mushroom
250g (1 pack)
Tortellini - Smoked Tofu
Eco Organics Tortellini - Smoked Tofu
250g (1 pack)