Gran Luchito

Gran Luchito are very passionate about bringing the authentic taste of Mexico to kitchens around the world.

They pour their heart and soul into Gran Luchito because they want you to discover the joy of cooking and sharing real Mexican food with your friends and family.

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Wraps - Soft Taco
Gran Luchito Wraps - Soft Taco
300g (1 pack)
Beans - Chipotle Refried
Gran Luchito Beans - Chipotle Refried
430g (1 pack)
Cooking Sauce - Rancheros
Gran Luchito Cooking Sauce - Rancheros
380g (1 bottle)
Salsa - Super Smoky Chipotle
Gran Luchito Salsa - Super Smoky Chipotle
300g (1 jar)
Salsa - Zingy & Tangy Tomatillo
Gran Luchito Salsa - Zingy & Tangy Tomatillo
300g (1 jar)
Salsa - Hot Habanero Mango
Gran Luchito Salsa - Hot Habanero Mango
300g (1 jar)
Sliced Cactus
Gran Luchito Sliced Cactus
215g (1 jar)
Salsa - Fire Roasted Red Pepper
Gran Luchito Salsa - Fire Roasted Red Pepper
300g (1 jar)