La Casareccia

La Casareccia is a food preservation company established in 1960. Since then, it has continued to bring to the table the excellence of tomatoes, legumes and vegetables, selected and packed with the maximum care.

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Natural Curated Corn
La Casareccia Natural Curated Corn
160g (1 can)
Champignons Mushrooms
La Casareccia Champignons Mushrooms
500g (1 can)
Chopped Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
La Casareccia Chopped Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
1 Can (400g)
Tomato Puree
La Casareccia Tomato Puree
680g (1 bottle)
Traditional Puree
La Casareccia Traditional Puree
660g (1 bottle)
Tomatoes - Yellow (Extra Fine Pulp)
La Casareccia Tomatoes - Yellow (Extra Fine Pulp)
400g (1 can)