We all take good health for granted until something happens that makes us rethink how precious it is. For their family, it was a life-changing event when their only daughter, Monique, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS)—an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system for that modern medicine is yet to find a cure.

Not satisfied with the bleak prognosis they were given, they looked to experts all over the world for advice—from neurologists and scientists, to naturopaths and everyone in between. The knowledge and insight they gained over those years were life changing and resulted in careers in the health industry for both of them.

Together with a team of global industry leaders, they planted a seed and developed a nutritional platform based on efficacy without compromise; bringing together the best of nutritional science and natural medicine. They developed Nuzest—Nutrition for Life.

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Clean Lean Protein - Rich Chocolate
Nuzest Clean Lean Protein - Rich Chocolate
1kg (1 pot)
Clean Lean Protein Bar - Peanut Butter & Chocolate
Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Bar - Peanut Butter & Chocolate
55g (1 pack)
Good Green Vitality Bar
Nuzest Good Green Vitality Bar
55g (1 pack)
Kids Good Stuff Chocolate
Nuzest Kids Good Stuff Chocolate
1 Pot (225g)