Pete's Pure

Pete's Pure is meant to be consumed fresh and young – drinkability and simplicity. But the real star here is the sunshine; hailing from Euston in New South Wales, from an area known for volume, the clear skies and red earth produce clean, bright flavours. This abundance of sun makes growing grapes stress-free. Picked early with minimal winemaking artefact to keep things crisp, these wines are relaxed, clean and charming.

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Pete's Pure Shiraz
Pete's Pure Pete's Pure Shiraz
1 Bottle (750ml)
Pinot Noir
Pete's Pure Pinot Noir
1 Bottle (750ml)
Pete's Pure Pinot Grigio
Pete's Pure Pete's Pure Pinot Grigio
1 Bottle (750ml)
Pete's Pure Rose
1 Bottle (750ml)