Little Farms

Little Farms source the best all natural produce, meats, seafood and dairy from all around the world. They only work with trusted partners and independent producers, and buy directly from farmers whenever possible. Their ethos has always been ‘Freshness Guaranteed’, so you know they are offering you the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious groceries possible.

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Low Carb Potatoes
Little Farms Low Carb Potatoes
1 Bag (1kg) (~1000g)
Organic Button Mushrooms
Little Farms Organic Button Mushrooms
1 Punnet (150g)
Little Farms Strawberry
1 Punnet (250g)
Cherry Tomato Medley
Little Farms Cherry Tomato Medley
1 Punnet (400g)
Organic Broccoli
Little Farms Organic Broccoli
1 Punnet (500g)
Fresh Chicken Wings
Fresh Daily
Little Farms Fresh Chicken Wings
1 Pack (~500g) (~500g)
Little Farms Wombok
1 Half
Dutch Yellow Capsicum
Little Farms Dutch Yellow Capsicum
2-3 Capsicums (~500g)
Little Farms Zucchini
1 Bag (~500g)
Green Asparagus Bunch
Little Farms Green Asparagus Bunch
1 Bunch (130g-170g) (~200g)
Organic Lemon
Little Farms Organic Lemon
1 Lemon (~150g)
Organic Beetroot
Little Farms Organic Beetroot
1 Punnet (500g)
Cherry Truss Tomato Pp 250g
Little Farms Cherry Truss Tomato Pp 250g
Organic Bananas
Little Farms Organic Bananas
1 Bag (500g)
Organic Celery Sticks
Little Farms Organic Celery Sticks
1 Punnet (250g)
Fresh Chicken Drumsticks
Fresh Daily
Little Farms Fresh Chicken Drumsticks
1 Pack (~500g)
Dutch Red Capsicum
Little Farms Dutch Red Capsicum
1 Bag (2-3 Capsicums) (~500g)
Shepard Avocado - Large
2 FOR $12
Little Farms Shepard Avocado - Large
1 Avocado
Fresh Chicken Breast
Fresh Daily
Little Farms Fresh Chicken Breast
1 Packet (~400g)
Brussels Sprouts
Little Farms Brussels Sprouts
1 Punnet (~450g)
Australian Persimmon
Little Farms Australian Persimmon
1 Passionfruit
Carrots Dutch
Little Farms Carrots Dutch
1 Bunch
Dutch Green Capsicum
Little Farms Dutch Green Capsicum
1 Capsicum (~200g)
Red Grapes
Little Farms Red Grapes
1 Bunch (~750g)
Organic Spanish Red Onion
Little Farms Organic Spanish Red Onion
1 Pack
Kanzi Apple
Little Farms Kanzi Apple
2 Apples (~500g)
Long Green Chilli
Little Farms Long Green Chilli
1 Punnet (~220g)
Cup Mushrooms
Little Farms Cup Mushrooms
1 Punnet (200g)
Organic Dutch Cream Potato
Little Farms Organic Dutch Cream Potato
1 Bag (800g)
Spanish Navel Oranges
Little Farms Spanish Navel Oranges
2 Oranges (~500g)
Lady Finger Bananas
Little Farms Lady Finger Bananas
1 Bag (~1000g)
Iceberg Lettuce
Little Farms Iceberg Lettuce
1 Head
Fresh Whole Chicken 1.2kg - 1.5kg
Fresh Daily
Little Farms Fresh Whole Chicken 1.2kg - 1.5kg
1 Bird (~1500g)
Pears Nashi
Little Farms Pears Nashi
1 Nashi (~250g)
Little Farms Broccoli
1 Head (~400g)
Red Vein Sorrel Loose
Little Farms Red Vein Sorrel Loose
1 Bunch (15g)
Parsley Herb Loose
Little Farms Parsley Herb Loose
1 Bunch (15g)
Organic Royal Gala Apple
Monday - Saturday
Fresh Daily
Little Farms Organic Royal Gala Apple
1 Bag (3-5 Apples) (~500g)